Anyone who has experienced moving would agree that you probably have more stuff than you think. A lot more. In fact, go ahead and double the number of things you have pictured in your mind. Yes, it really is that bad. We believe it is a universal truth that no one can pack stuff into a box like time can cram it into a drawer or cabinet. You need to clean out. It is time. But where do you begin? What should you keep? What can you toss? Here are some pointers to de-stress the necessary process of downsizing before you move.

What to Keep

There is much debate over what to keep these days. This divide exists because we keep what we think we need and we are all very different. So, rather than going through deep inner turmoil and contemplating every item in your home, we suggest an easier method. Let the past six months do the talking. In other words, if you have not touched a particular t-shirt in six months, you do not need it. Minimalism might lean more toward one to three months. You will be amazed at the progress you can make using this tactic. It does get a bit tricky when it comes to seasonal items like Christmas decorations and yard tools. Use good judgment here and always consider your new home. Will you really need that parka in Tuscon? Probably not.

What to Toss

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So, you have gone through everything and packed up all that you are certain you will need. In addition, you have set aside the items you no longer need in order to prevent confusion. Now the real fun begins. To make things simple, you will need some trash bags and room to make two additional piles. The trash bags are for garbage. Garbage should be defined as things that are unusable. Be sure to recycle.  After separating trash from treasures, the remaining items will be labeled “Sell” or “Donate.” Those groups make up the piles. Opportunities to donate items vary from town to city, so you will have to do your research. That said, we believe giving is a great source of joy and a fantastic method of downsizing before your move

Everything remaining can be sold in a garage sale to help decrease your moving costs. The transition alone can be expensive, and downsizing is essential. Contact us today for a free quote, and see how we can be of value to you as you move!

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